Ultimate attenuator manual

Jun 11, · Ultimate Attenuator / Ho' s attenuator. I have abandoned the idea of an attenuator for big amps since. Now we have at our disposal some great tools to make this job easier. May 25, by GoofyDawg. The Ultimate Attenuator is certainly one of these. Jul 11, · Mix - Ultimate Attenuator Overview Demo YouTube; Radial Headload Review - Duration: 16: 22.

I believe that the best way to do reamping is to have a small tube amp with a 12AU7 in its output, this kind of dummy load, some eq, effects and then a solidstate amp. Mar 15, · Mark Gregg from Magus Innovations shows you how to setup and use the Ultimate Attenuator. Ultimateattenuator. The guy does calls his the ultimate attenuator bought the rights. Ultimate attenuator manual. But he doesn’ t call it the ultimate attenuator.
The worst oil filter EVER! I had no problems to buy it however. In this regard, " The Ultimate Attenuator" can accept signal loads of 4, 8, or 16 ohms from an amplifier as. I' ve bought one many years ago using it with my Orange OR120, this attenuator was really hype in the forums at this moment. It didn' t sound that good, quite sterile and cutting highs, but I was happy to be able use my amps on stage.

I’ m just not sold on the Ultimate Attenuator. Aug 10, · First off, the concept behind " The Ultimate Attenuator" is to provide a signal load for the amp that is easier on the amp’ s output transformer circuit. Guitar Interactive - The Free Online Guitar Magazine 12, 018 views. That keeps the components of the dummy load low- powered and easy to find. Nov 11, · We are very fortunate these days in the world of getting great tone. It has always been a bit of science mixed with art, and occasionally a bit of mojo thrown in for good measure. The ultimate attenuator is a mimic of the real one that Ho from Ho’ s electronics in Burnaby British Columbia designed and still makes to this day. Jun 22, · Ultimate attenuator has been also an Ultimate ripoff for me.